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RM : Latest News, Photos and Videos

RM, the "7" tattoo carved on his ankle became a Hot Topic. "A sign of friendship between 7 BTS members?" .. ..

RM, stated his thoughts about visiting the White House. "Because of the fans, we are invited to the White House". BTS will pay a courtesy visit to the White House on the 31st to chat with President Biden. .. ..

Lee Byung Hun and his wife Lee MIN JEONG returned from LA, USA. Incheon Airport on the morning of the 20th. RM also returned to Korea by the same plane. .. ..

RM, the blonde all-back hair photo was released immediately after the concert is on a hot topic. .. ..

RM revealed that he weighs about 76 kg, and envied JIN as a handsome figure with 61 kg despite his wide shoulders,and became a hot Topic.

RM on Hwang Dae-heon's short track men's 1500m gold medal, "RESPECT". .. ..

A turbulent development on the Beijing Olympics short track. Two Korean players are disqualified in the semi-finals. No one was able to advance to the final. Entertainers and athletes such as RM posted encouragement and doubts on SNS.

Limited release of 20% increased version of Paldo Bibim noodles in cup is in response to consumer requests ... Is it influenced by the statement of RM wishing to have 1.5 times of the regular size? .. ..

Are you watching the Netflix movie "We Couldn't Become Adults" starring RM and Mirai Moriyama? New Post on Instagram is Hot Topic. .. ..