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RM : Latest News, Photos and Videos

RM posted a long sentence on the fan community Weverse. Reveal mixed feelings. "I've been searching for rest for a long time, but maybe I'm hoping for a kind of TV Series. It's like a weird illness that makes me anxious when it stabilizes even a little." .. ..

RM, 2021 FILA EXPLORE COLLECTION photo released. .. ..

RM, FILA KOREA's SNS released photos of FILA X BTS Dynamite Collection. .. ..

RM released mid-autumn celebration photo on SNS of Lotte Duty Free Shop in South Korea. .. ..

RM shows off his short hair to Hot Topic. .. ..

Seo JIYEON, the youngest flyweight chan PO in the Philippine mixed martial arts URCC, has become Hot Topic. He reveals that he and his relatives (6th degree) will meet at a big festival. On the E channel "Playing Older Sister" broadcast on the 6th. .. ..

RM's relative and fighter Seo JIYEON will appear on the E-channel "Playing Sister" broadcast on the 6th. .. ..

RM reports that it sells luxury condominium "Hannan The Hill". The margin is about 87 million yen. .. ..