”BTS” V, still in the military, maintains strong bond with members... Supports RM's solo album
V, a member of the group BTS, commented on RM's solo album release. On the 26th, V posted on his Instagram story, "Wow, why is it so nice?"
V also wrote, tagging RM's account. V also posted a photo of RM's second solo album, "Right Place, Wrong Turn."
The image released with the release of "Person" and a photo of RM are attached.
He actively supported the group and was proud of his loyalty. Meanwhile, all members of BTS are currently serving in the military. RM is in the middle of his second solo album, "Right Place, Wrong Turn."
The new album "Person" will be released at 1pm on May 24th. The album contains 11 tracks, and is the latest work by Alternative Music, which boasts a rich sound.
The album will be filled with music from a variety of genres. RM is especially excited as he participated in writing the lyrics for all the songs.
2024/04/27 17:10 KST
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