”BTS” RM wears military band uniform and saxophone...Releases a refreshing update
The recent status of RM of the group BTS's military service has been revealed. On the 15th, a photo of RM wearing the red uniform of the army band was posted on an online community.
It was. The author draws attention by placing the phrase ``Bangtan by my side'' on the photo. In the photo, RM is holding a saxophone and staring straight ahead.
You can feel the dignity of RM as he fulfills his national defense duties with all his heart.
RM said on the fandom platform Weverse on the 11th, ``I also joined the military and adapted well.
He expressed his Lunar New Year greetings to his fans, saying, ``I ate some tteokguk, and since it's Lunar New Year, I also took a little rest, and I'm living as a former person.''
He continued, ``I'll be able to see you all once I send Lunar New Year again, but I'm also doing well with my time.''
I believe it will be another place for learning and experience." At the same time, RM said, ``I hope that there will be far more good things than bad things, always being a former person anytime and anywhere.''
I hope it continues," he expressed his thoughts. RM enlisted together with member V in December last year. RM had such an exemplary military life that he was selected as the most elite trainee at the graduation ceremony on the 16th of last month.
sending. RM was assigned to the Army's 15th Division in Hwacheon, Gangwon-do. The expected discharge date is June 10, 2025.
2024/02/16 11:49 KST
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