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RM : Latest News, Photos and Videos

RM participated in the title song "Stop" of singer-songwriter Lee Eon's 2nd solo full album "Fragile" for the first time in 9 years. .. ..

[D Official big] RT jinnieday: no, HE literally always undersTOOd the assignment


The "2021 Farang Art Festival", which was visited by RM and others, recorded the largest number of visitors in history even in the Corona disaster. .. ..

RM reveals that the TOEIC result received last summer was "915 points out of the 990 perfect score.". Reported on V LIVE on the 19th. The perfect score is 990 points, but he humbly said, "I was defeated in the reading." Voices from fans say "respect". .. ..

RM attends global press conference. 20th morning, DDP. .. ..

RM donated 100 million won to the National Museum of Contemporary Art to support the production of books that are out of print and difficult to obtain, mainly art books published by the National Museum of Contemporary Art, and books that need to be republished.

【T Official】 BTS RM, past photo released.

* "One day in 2013 ..."

* "Rap monster" era instead of "RM".

* After this, the picture of "Mother of BTS" Bang Shihyeok seen for April Fools.