ChaEUN WOO of the group ``ASTRO'' will appear on ``Star Dad's Struggles! Superman Returns''.
KBS2TV's "Star Dad's Struggles! Superman is Back" (below)
On the 22nd, a representative from ``The Return of Superman'') said, ``Cha EUN WOO recently recorded ``The Return of Superman.'' It is scheduled to be broadcast in March.'' Did.
Cha EUN WOO met former Korean national fencing athlete Kim JUNHO and his 27-month-old son EUN WOO.
It has been about 2 years and 6 months since Cha EUN WOO appeared on “The Return of Superman”.
It seems that there will be. Earlier, Cha EUN WOO visited former soccer player Park Joo-ho's house at his home and visited Park Joo-ho's children Naeun and Go with MJ of ``ASTRO''.
He served as an acting teacher for Nu-kun and JIN WOO-kun. Kim Junho mentioned Cha EUN WOO in an episode that aired in January in South Korea.
I went to Sokcho with my sons EUN WOO and Jung Woo to watch the sunrise on the previous day.
Kim JUNHO, who headed to the sea in Sokcho, said, ``There is an old man named Cha EUN WOO who has the same name as EUN WOO. I hope that EUN WOO will be as successful as Uncle Cha EUN WOO.
"This year is the year of Cha EUN WOO and Kim EUN WOO," I prayed. Cha EUN WOO, a “genius with a face”, and Woo, who inherited the handsome visuals of Kim JUNHO.
All eyes are on how much fun meeting Nu will bring to the viewers. Meanwhile, Cha EUN WOO released his 1st solo album "ENTITY" on February 15th.
. In addition, he will play the role of Kwon Sung-yul in MBC's new Fri-Sat TV series ``Wonderful World,'' which will begin broadcasting in South Korea on March 1st.

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