Actors GongYoo and Lee Dong Wook are attracting attention with their breathtaking looks. 19th, GongYoo's management office
Management SOOP recently posted on their official YouTube channel, ``You look precious in a tuxedo.
What is the grand prize checklist of GongYoo who came to the ceremony? I uploaded a video titled ``. The video released included scenes from GongYoo's advertising shooting site. GongYoo and
Lee Dong Wook overwhelmed the scene with his gorgeous visuals in a tuxedo and his special breath. Meanwhile, the timing coincided and I started working closely with Lee Dong Wook.
GongYoo said, ``We almost kissed,'' which caused a lot of laughter. After that, GongYoo and Lee Dong Wook stood side by side and looked friendly and made a shocking statement, ``We're getting married today,'' which made people laugh.

By chunchun 2024/03/19 23:58 KST