KEY of the group SHINee has announced that he will not share his profits with his parents. On the 22nd, Kian 84's YouTube channel "Life 84" posted "Key
A video titled ``Life Interview'' was posted. In the video released, Kian 84 reads out KEY's profile and says, ``Daegu Susong (Suseong)''
ward) from? Isn't Suseong-gu the Gangnam district of Daegu? ” he asked. In response, KEY said, ``I'm not from Suseong-gu. I moved to Suseong-gu.
My parents didn't have money for me. I made my debut when I was in high school and had to pay for tuition and cooking.
I moved after I debuted and left home," he explained.
When Kian 84 heard this, he said, ``Didn't you make the money for him?'' KEY replied, ``Neither I nor my parents will share in any of the profits.''
At the same time, ``It seems that my parents' self-esteem is hurt by receiving such things from me.Financially, my mother doesn't know how much my father earns, and my father doesn't know how much my mother earns.''
``I don't know if that's the case,'' he said, adding, ``Even when I go on a trip, it's like, ``You pay for the hotel,'' ``You pay for the meals,'' and so on.

By minmin 2024/02/22 21:52 KST