Jinjin of the group ``ASTRO'' finished the musical ``Winter Traveler'' and shared his thoughts. From December 16th of last year to the 21st of this month, Jinjin hosted Seoul Hanjeong (
He appeared on stage as Park Hyung Tae in the musical ``Winter Traveler'' held at the KEPCO Art Center and met the audience.
“Winter Traveler” is based on the name of the late Choi In-ho, a master of modern Korean literature.
This musical is based on a novel, and depicts the beautiful love that everyone has dreamed of at least once, and the lost innocence of youth. In the drama, Jin Jin plays the role of optimistic and free-spirited Park Hyung Tae.
He gave a passionate performance. In particular, in this episode of ``Winter Traveler'', Jin Jin's acting of sad unrequited love aroused sympathy and brought laughter with his witty expressiveness that makes the character's charm three-dimensional.
In addition, he received positive reviews for his chemistry with MJ from ASTRO, who appeared on stage with him. After successfully completing his last performance, Jinjin went through the management office Fantagio on the 22nd.
``It seems like it has only been a while since I started working on ``Winter Traveler,'' but time passes so quickly as it is already the last performance.I would like to express my gratitude to the director, staff, and seniors who have always looked out for me. ,rear
This is a work in which I learned a lot thanks to my colleagues. Thanks to my seniors and colleagues, I think I was able to shine even more on stage, and I was able to finish on a great note.
I think so,'' he said, expressing his thoughts. He continued, ``I'm really grateful to all the audience members who came to see us, and a lot of Rojas (nickname for ASTRO fans AROHA) also came to see us.
Thank you very much for your help. I love you, ``Winter Traveler,'''' he said, expressing his gratitude. Last year, he became a musical actor in the show musical ``Dream High.''
Jinjin, who started his career as a singer, has expanded his spectrum by appearing in various works. He played the role of Goo Seung Joon in the world tour performance of the musical "Crash Landing on You" which recently opened in Tokyo.
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