Seohyun of the group SNSD (Girls' Generation) boasted her goddess beauty. On the 22nd, Seohyun posted on her Instagram, ``Everything seemed to be
gorgeous #brunellocucinelli" and posted several photos with the comment. In the published photo, Seohyun is seen at the Brunello Couture held in Milan.
Attending a Neri event, she is wearing a silk skirt, glittery top, and jacket, with a bright smile on her face.
Above all, Seohyun attracted attention with her elegant figure from head to toe.
Not only that, but her smart style and gorgeous goddess beauty are outstanding. Fans who saw the post commented, ``Princess Seohyun is so beautiful.''
, ``She really is a goddess,'' ``Woman, are you a goddess?'', ``Every single photo is a work of art,'' and ``It's the epitome of high class elegance.''
Meanwhile, Seohyun is preparing for the release of the movie ``Searching for the King.''
By minmin 2024/02/22 21:22 KST