”EXO” SUHO, ”The TV series 'The Crown Prince Disappeared' is my first historical drama... I'm not used to it, but I worked hard to film it”
Korean boy group EXO's SUHO showed off a unique visual. SUGI will be featured in the global magazine “WWD”
Selected as the cover model for the March issue of ``KOREA'', with a geek-chic concept with a unique yet chic style.
It digests and attracts attention. In particular, SUHO has attempted unusual transformations that have never been seen before, from formal suits to casual looks and a variety of accessories.
This elicited reactions from many staff members present. On this day, in an interview that was held together with a pictorial (gravure) shoot, SUHO talked about MBN's new TV series "Seiko", which will be broadcast for the first time on March 9th.
``It's my first time doing a period drama, so there are some parts I'm not used to, but I searched for and watched existing works, used them as references for character research, and worked hard while having many conversations with the director on set.''
"We're filming," he said, expressing his anticipation as he talked about the preparation process for the work. SUHO also said, ``My fans say that I have brought them comfort, but when I say that I am comforting someone, on the contrary, it doesn't feel right to me.''
It's comforting," he said. Meanwhile, the interview, which includes SUHO's various pictorial cuts, recent interests, and future activity plans, can be found on WWD KOREA
You can check it out in the March issue.
2024/02/21 13:14 KST
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