”NCT” Tae Yeon releases highlight medley of 2nd mini album ”TAP”!
A highlight medley of the Korean boy group NCT's Tae Yeon's new mini-album ``TAP'' has been released.
At midnight today (21st), the videos released through NCT's official SNS include "Moon Tour" and "Ups &
Highlights of the five songs recorded on this album, including "Downs", "APE", "404 Loading", and "Run Away", have been released.
In this video, Tae Yeon performs live music with a variety of sensibilities, from romantic to intense and powerful charm.
The immersion level of the song was raised by adding a unique expressiveness. Tae Yeon's 2nd mini album "TAP" consists of a total of 6 songs including the title song "TAP" of the same name, and Tae Yeon sings all songs.
Tae Yeon not only wrote the lyrics for Exclusive, but also participated in the composition of all the songs, so you can discover Tae Yeon's musical color that has deepened even further.
The title song "TAP" is a groovy modern drum and 808 bass track, rock,
It's a uniquely charming hip-hop song with a blues-style guitar sound, and Tae Yeon wittyly expresses the lyrics, which depict a person who appears to be indifferent to someone but is secretly interested in them.
It appeared. Meanwhile, the sound source of Tae Yeon's 2nd mini album ``TAP'' will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on February 26th, and the CD will also be released on the same day.

TAEYONG 'TAP' Highlight Medley (Live Performance)
TAEYONG 'TAP' Highlight Medley (Live Performance)

2024/02/21 10:44 KST
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