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Missing Crown Prince

Missing Crown Prince
  • English:Missing Crown Prince
  • Korean:세자가 사라졌다
  • Original Network: MBN(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/04/13 - 2024/06/16
Episode Review 1

The crown prince disappeared (Korean: 세자가 사라졌다) is a TV Series that will start airing on 2024-04-13.
The broadcast will end on 2024-06-16. The broadcasting station is MBN (2024). Suho (EXO)'s first historical drama! With Hong YEJI (appeared in "PRODUCE48")
A romantic comedy about a body being discovered in the palace. What secret is the Queen Mother (Myung Se Bin) hiding? What will become of the prince (SUHO of "EXO") who is facing a crisis?
The Korean TV series "The Prince Has Disappeared" (total 20 episodes) begins with the prince (the heir to the throne) being kidnapped in a bag by the woman who will become the crown princess.
A historical romance drama depicting the turbulent story of a man and a woman. A spin-off TV series of "Bossam: The Man Who Stole Love and Destiny," which aired in 2021 and recorded the highest viewership ratings in MBN's history.
The highest viewership rating was 5.1% for episode 20. Suho (EXO) plays the role of Prince Lee Gon.
Actress Hong Yeji plays Choi Myeong-yoon, who is selected to be the Crown Princess.
Actress Myung Se Bin plays Queen Dowager Min Su-ryeong, while actor Kim Zu Hun plays royal physician Choi Sang-rok, father of Choi Myeong-yoon, who is appointed as the Crown Princess.
Actor Kim Min-Gyu will play Prince Toseong, the younger brother of Crown Prince Lee Gon.

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