STARSHIP artists send cheers to the 2024 University Scholastic Aptitude Test
STARSHIP Entertainment artists K.Will, "MONSTA X", "WJSN", JEONG SEWOON, "CRAVITY", "IVE", etc.
A message of support for the University Scholastic Aptitude Test (corresponding to Japan's common university entrance test) has been released. K.Will, who is active on stage and in a variety of other content, said, ``2023 will be here in a blink of an eye.''
Time passed and it was time for university entrance exams. I hope you all achieve what you set out to do. If you don't get nervous and eat well, you will get good results. I hope the result is
Even if it doesn't turn out as expected, the common university entrance test is not everything in life. I am the proof,'' he said, showing off his senior side and conveying a loving message.
I believe it will be a day with no regrets. I would like to express my gratitude to all the MONBEBE (official fan club name) students who are taking the entrance exam for the exam," he said with a fist pump.
. WJSN, who is active in various fields such as variety shows, acting, and musicals, said, ``Thank you very much for all your hard work so far,'' and added, ``I'm sure you'll be nervous and trembling.''
However, as much as you have worked hard to prepare, I hope that you will take your time, choose only the correct answers without regrets, solve them well, and come back home.'' She cutely sent a message of support.
JEONG SEWOON, who is busy preparing for his album after successfully completing the Fan Meeting Lucky Festival, said, ``To all the students preparing for the university entrance exams, don't be nervous and do everything you have prepared for.''
I think it would be nice if I could hit it. It suddenly became cold. Please stay warm, prepare well, and take the exam,'' he sent a warm message of support.
``CRAVITY'', who is currently promoting the title song ``MEGAPHONE'' of their 6th mini album ``SUN SEEKER'', said, ``It took a long time.
I believe that you will be satisfied with the results of your hard work. We at "CRAVITY" will do our best to support LOVELY (official fan club name) until the day when their dreams come true.
”, injecting lively energy. First world tour “IVE THE 1ST WORLD TOUR 'SHOW WHAT I
IVE, which is carrying out full-fledged global activities by holding ``HAVE','' said, ``To all examinees, please don't be nervous and do your best to achieve your dreams.
I'm rooting for you and praying that you'll be able to reach the moment of high school," he cheered the students taking the exam.
2023/11/16 01:59 KST
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