Lee Jung Shin of the group "CNBLUE" updated his Instagram. On the 17th, Lee Jung Shin posted a picture of himself on his Instagram with the caption "messy."
The photos and videos posted are of Lee Jung Shin's TV series "Seven Escapes Season 2"
The filming location of "Revenge" is included.
The video includes footage of Lee Jung Shin, who plays Hwang Chansung, taking part in filming.
Fans who saw the photos and videos commented, "It must have been very hard to film. It was my first time cheering for the villain while watching a TV series," "Hwang Chan-seong and Lee Jung-woo
"Thank you for your hard work, Shin-san," "What are you wearing the police uniform for?" and other comments were made. Meanwhile, Lee Jung Shin is appearing in the SBS Fri-Sat TV series "Seven Escapes"
In "Season 2 -Revenge-", he played the role of Hwang Chan-sung, the CEO of Korea's top portal company.
"Revenge" is written by Kim Sunok, the screenwriter of the popular "Penthouse" series, which was ranked 8th in Lemino's annual rankings for 2023.
This latest work by and sequel to his previous work "Seven Escapes" depicts the intense and powerful cooperative relationship between the seven characters who are reborn on a reset stage of revenge.

By chunchun 2024/05/18 22:55 KST