Singer JEONG SEWOON has raised expectations for his solo concert with concept photos. On the 11th, Starship Entertainment announced through JEONG SEWOON's Official SNS
He has released concept photos for the "2024 JEONG SEWOON CONCERT 'DIY'" which will be held at Myunghwa Live Hall on June 29th and 30th.
In the released concept photo, JEONG SEWOON is seen wearing a sporty yet casual outfit and standing in a space filled with musical instruments and boxes.
JEONG SEWOON, with his bold visuals, portrays himself as someone who designs things himself. With luck (fan name), it's not difficult to imagine the future that JEONG SEWOON envisions.
The concert title "DIY" is an abbreviation of "DO IT YOURSELF," and JEONG SEWOON will meet with the audience under the theme of "Drawing my future with my own hands, from one to ten."
"DIY" is JEONG SEWOON's first solo concert in one year and three months since his solo concert "THE WAVE" held at the end of March last year, and he will be performing a richer set.
JEONG SEWOON is a perfect side that has vocal skills that you can trust and talk with great sense.
I rank them at 0th place. Recently, they took part in the "2024 LOVESOME FESTIVAL", captivating the audience with their emotional live performance and performance, and the stage ended in success.
JEONG SEWOON's solo concert "DIY" will be held at Myunghwa Live Hall on June 29th at 6pm and June 30th at 5pm.

By Corin 2024/05/12 22:57 KST