Junho of the group 2PM maintained his No. 1 spot in the Star Ranking Star Actor Ranking category. Junho appeared on the May 1st TV show, which ran from 3:01 PM on the 2nd to 3:00 PM on the 9th.
In the weekly (59th) Star Ranking Star Actor Ranking poll, he received 27,704 votes and came in first place. Lee Jun Ki came in second with 6,157 votes, and Kim Nam Gil came in third.
came in with 5,732 votes, followed by Kim Soo Hyun (4,901 votes) in fourth place and 2PM's Taecyeon (1,353 votes) in fifth place.
JUNHO is currently filming the new Netflix original series "CASHERO."
"CASHERO" is about an ordinary civil servant, Kang Sang-eun (JUNHO), who acquires a supernatural power that makes him stronger according to the amount of cash he holds.
However, it is a story about ordinary superheroes who save the world using all their salary. On the other hand, Star Ranking allows fans to directly vote for their favorite stars to determine the ranking.
It's a ranking vote. Various rewards will be given to stars depending on the ranking of the voting results.
By minmin 2024/05/09 21:25 KST