Inseong of the group SF9 will be taking on his first stint in the OST (insert song) for the TV series "The Chairman is a Delinquent High School Student!?"
Wavve's original TV series "The Chairman is a Bad High School Student!?" will be broadcast on the 6th at 6 pm.
The drama "Only You" was released as the OST for "The Head is a Delinquent High School Student!?". "Only You" is about the protagonist Na Is (Moon SungHyun), a troubled child who lives a positive and active life.
The song is about meeting the heroine Han Ba-tan (Kim Si-kyung), who is filled with love, feeling her heart racing again, and vowing to always be by her side to protect her and give her strength.
Inseong's soft and refreshing voice and dance pop
The mix of songs across genres is expected to maximize the energetic atmosphere and excitement of the TV series.
Inseong, the main vocalist of SF9, has a rich voice and a powerful high note. He has participated in singing the OSTs of many TV series and has also shown his strong presence as a musical actor.
He will meet audiences at the musical "Emile," which will be performed at YES24 Stage 3 in Daehangno, Seoul from June 11th.
Meanwhile, "The Chairman is a Delinquent High School Student?!" depicts the comical happenings of Na Isu, a delinquent student who becomes the chairman of the prestigious high school his father left behind.
This is the Ireta Gakuen TV Series. It is released twice every Monday on wavve. In Japan, it is streamed exclusively on ABEMA.

By minmin 2024/05/06 19:39 KST