Singer JEONG SEWOON brought a refreshing touch to the LOVESOME Festival. JEONG SEWOON appeared at the 88 Olympic Park on the 27th of this month.
They took part in the 2024 LOVESOME Festival held on the lawn and captivated the audience with their emotional live performance.
JEONG SEWOON started the performance with the title songs "Say yes" and "Feeling" from his first full album with his own unique sound, playing the electric guitar.
Next, they performed "Quiz" and "Perfectly," creating an emotional atmosphere for the opening of a live performance perfect for a weekend outing.
He also performed TWICE's "Alcohol-Free" and IU's "Blueming" in his own unique style, bringing out a new sensibility.
He caught the attention with his performance and even showed off his colorful saxophone playing. JEONG SEWOON's representative songs continued in a scorching heat.
The festival itself (Roller Coaster) stage featured her unique sweet and emotional natural voice and singing voice.
Not only did she stand up, but she also captured the hearts of the audience with her captivating voice and overwhelming live performance in the 10-minute rock stage, which highlights her unique charm.
JEONG SEWOON also performed an emotional song that matches the "LOVESOME Festival."
The performance of "Don't know" with its rich band sound was filled with the romance of the audience as they became one with the band, depicting a page of youth.
The next performance, "O (Circle)," showed off their perfect live performance skills and energetic music that made the audience dance with excitement.
The final song, "Be a Fool," began with a monotone voice, and the group showed off their unique and charming vocals, taking the audience on a dreamlike journey on a spring night.
JEONG SEWOON said through the management office STARSHIP Entertainment, "Thank you to everyone who came to enjoy the festival together despite the sudden hot weather.
I enjoyed the stage because of the audience and fans, and I will try to greet them on stage more often in the future.
The album "Quiz" is a new journey in search of the existence of "me". In this new album filled with his own stories, JEONG SEWOON is in charge of writing lyrics, composing, and producing.
JEONG SEWOON debuted in 2017 and has been involved in writing lyrics, composing, producing, and directing the entire album, proving himself as a singer-songwriter.
Not only does she have excellent singing ability, but she also strikes a chord with listeners with her sweet vocals, and has proven her presence as a singer people can trust and listen to through a variety of OSTs regardless of genre.
JEONG SEWOON, who not only has the singing ability but also the ability to talk and have a sense of humor, is recognized as an artist optimized for festivals and has been featured in various festivals.
He has been selected as number 0 in the offer ranking. JEONG SEWOON is building his own musical world and plans to continue meeting the public through active activities in the future.

By Corin 2024/04/28 23:47 KST