Actor Ji Chang Wook has been offered the role in Ma Dong Seok's next film, "Twelve," and is considering appearing in it.
On the morning of the 9th, Almedia reported, "Ji Chang Wook recently took part in the scene for the new series 'Twelve.'
He is positively considering appearing in the film after receiving the award. Attention is focused on whether this will be Ji Chang Wook's first attempt at a superhero film since his debut.
"Twelve" depicts the story of heroes with various abilities and charms struggling to protect the Korean peninsula from evil spirits.
It was reported that Ji Chang Wook will be playing the role of Tae San, the leader of the group. It was also said that he was offered the role of one of the hero characters who protects the Korean peninsula alongside Tae San.
Earlier this year, Ji Chang Wook, who finished JTBC's "Welcome to Samdalri," has confirmed the release of the Disney+ original series "Gangnam B-Side" and is currently appearing in the TVING series
She has appeared in "Queen U," the 35 billion won blockbuster TV series "Sculpture City," the movie "Revolver," and PD Kim Tae-ho's new variety show "My Name is Gabriel."
"Twelve" is directed by veteran producer Ku, who has worked on films such as "Pain," "Neighbors," "The Phone," "Metamorphosis," "Wolf Hunt," and "The Devils."
CEO Sung Mok will serve as executive producer, and global OTT programming is currently under consideration.

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