The group ``ATEEZ'' has been on the UK official charts for a long time. 1st (local time), UK
According to the official chart tally, "ATEEZ" released on December 1st last year.
Their 2nd full album ``THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL'' has remained on the subchart for 13 weeks. “ATEEZ” 2nd full album “THE
"WORLD EP.FIN: WILL" is ranked in the UK Official Album Chart as "Official Physical Album Chart" (Official Physical Album Chart).
Physical Albums Chart” 78th place, “Official Albums Sales Chart”
It reached number 82 on the “Official Scottish Albums Chart”.
In particular, the 2nd full album "THE WORLD EP. FIN: WILL" was released as a British official album immediately after its release.
Even though three months have passed since it entered the top of the sub-chart, it has remained in the relevant chart tenaciously and has achieved great growth.
ATEEZ's 2nd full album ``THE WORLD'' was released earlier.
EP.FIN:WILL” is the third million-seller with initial sales of over 1.7 million copies.
achieved. In addition, it reached number 1 on the US Billboard 200 in its first week of release, staying on the chart for six consecutive weeks, continuing its career-high streak.
Meanwhile, on February 27th (local time), "ATEEZ" was listed as one of the 100 K-POP artists who achieved excellent results on the American Billboard main chart.
They were proudly named to the Billboard K-POP Artist 100, which boasted a strong global influence. In addition, on February 28th, the Japanese 3rd single “NOT
"OKAY" was released by ATEEZ, whose sales volume on the first day increased by about 8 times compared to their previous work, 2nd Japanese single "Limitless", and it instantly became popular on Japan's largest music site, "Limitless".
The song ranked first on Recon's daily single chart, proving that ATEEZ's position has expanded in the global music market.
Today (2nd), "ATEEZ" appeared on NHK's "Venue 101" and released the stage of "NOT OKAY".

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