「SUPER JUNIOR」リョウク&アリ(元TAHITI) 結婚式現場公開…イ・ダヘ、「とても美しい花嫁」
”SUPER JUNIOR” Ryeowook & Ari (former TAHITI) Wedding Scene Revealed...Lee Da Hae, ”A Very Beautiful Bride”
Actress Lee Da Hye attended the wedding of ‘SUPER JUNIOR’ Ryeowook and Ari from ‘TAHITI’.

On the 26th, photos and videos were posted on Lee Da Hye's personal channel. Through this post, the wedding scene of Ryeowook and Ari was revealed.

In the published photos, numerous celebrants gathered to celebrate Ryeowook and Ari's marriage. The gorgeous decoration under the transparent ceiling gives the impression of a luxurious wedding atmosphere.

Lee Da Hye then revealed Ari walking down the aisle and marvelled at how ‘really beautiful’ and ‘a very beautiful bride’ she is.

Meanwhile, Ryeowook and Ari got married today (26th May) after four years of passionate love. Lee Da Hye married singer SE7EN last year.
2024/05/26 21:14 KST
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