BTOB's Hong Kong fancon a success amid cheers... Passionate communication with local fans
The group BTOB successfully completed their Hong Kong fan concert. BTOB held their exclusive fan concert "2024 ...
BTOB held "BTOB FAN-CON [OUR DREAM]" and met with local fans.
"DREAM" was BTOB's first fancon since their debut in 2012.
The certificate conveys the message that Melody (BTOB's official fan club name) and BTOB will reminisce about the precious moments they shared together and create new ones together again.
For this Hong Kong concert, Seo Eun-kwang, Lee Min-hyuk, and Lee Chang-sub were present, except for Yook Sung-jae, who was unable to attend due to a pre-arranged schedule.
, Yim Hyun Sik, and Peniel. BTOB will release the title song "The
The lively performance of "OUR DREAM" in Hong Kong kicked off with "Our Dream Song". This is BTOB's first visit to Hong Kong in about six years since their performance at the Youth Concert in 2018.
They expressed their appreciation for meeting Melody up close and saying it was a "dreamlike time."
I'm happy that we were able to do this. I hope you'll look forward to seeing us in the future."
Man," "HIGHER," "It's Okay," "Day & Night," "Wind and Wish," "Beautiful Pain," "Only
They sang many hit songs that they have been together for 12 years, such as "One for Me" and "Missing You". Everyone was able to join in with their splendid live performances, which are their specialty.
They delivered an exciting performance that everyone could enjoy, providing an overwhelming sense of immersion and emotion worthy of the nickname "a group you can trust and listen to."
Besides this, BTOB also had fans in stitches with the "99 Second Mission Relay," where they attempted various missions within a time limit.
In addition, in the Q&A section, the group read and answered messages written by fans in advance, and they answered various questions and took group photos together, showing their consideration for the fans.
Finally, BTOB showed their characteristic overflowing fun in the encore performance of "Blowin' up." They said, "In the past, now, and in the future,
Singing for all the beloved Melodies." Next, they sang "Finale: Our Concert" with great energy until the very end, winning the Hong Kong
After successfully completing their Hong Kong fan concert following Seoul, the Philippines, and Japan, BTOB will hold their Hong Kong fan concert on the 26th in Bangkok, Thailand, and on the 2nd in June.
The "OUR DREAM" Asia tour will continue in Taipei, Taiwan on the 8th and 29th, and in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 13th.
2024/05/22 15:34 KST
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