「LE SSERAFIM」ホ・ユンジン、Harper’s BAZAARの写真公開…弾ける笑顔と愛らしさ全開
”LE SSERAFIM” Huh Yun Jin releases Harper's BAZAAR photos... bright smile and cuteness on full display
Fashion magazine "Harper's BAZAAR" Korea has released a beauty pictorial of Huh Yun Jin from "LE SSERAFIM".
The pictorial released on the 21st features Huh Yun Jin, who lights up the surroundings with her natural bright energy, and a global beauty cosmetics brand.
In the YouTube video after the photoshoot, Huh Yun Jin answers 14 questions from "A to Z" in a humorous manner.
The shoot was conducted in a friendly atmosphere from beginning to end, with her answering questions.
Must-see content for fans, including SSERAFIM's legendary point dance, can be checked out on Harper's BAZAAR's YouTube channel.
The photo shoot and digital footage are currently available on Harper's BAZAAR's official website and Instagram.
2024/05/22 11:02 KST
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