”aespa” - The charm of their first full album ”Armageddon”... A teaser of a wide musical spectrum
Girl group 'aespa' digests the same genre with a different charm in their first full album 'Armageddon' and shows a wide spectrum of music.

'aespa' first full album 'Armageddon' to be released on the 27th May, the double title track 'Armageddon' and 'Supernova', a little earlier through the track video was released 'Licorice', 'Long Chat (#♥)', 'Live My Life' and a total of 10 songs of various genres are included in the album, and you can enjoy the deeper musical world of 'aespa'.

In particular, the new song 'Set The Tone' on this album, 'all the atmosphere is led by our music' confident lyrics 'aespa' only expressed with energetic vocals HipHop dance song, addictive hooks and lyrics characterized by harmony is expected to get a good response. It is expected to receive a good response.

In addition, 'Mine' is also the same genre of HipHop dance song, but a minimalist track with a hard 808 bass sound, with fantastic vocals echoes around the song, the lyrics contain the realisation that the inner fear is shameful, and eventually face the true self hidden behind the trauma to overcome the content, It will also catch the ears of listeners in a different mood.

Meanwhile, 'aespa' first full album 'Armageddon' will be released on the 27th May at 6pm.
2024/05/22 06:24 KST
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