BTS' RM reveals track list for second solo album... Title song is ”LOST!”
RM of BTS returns with the title track "LOST!" from his second solo album, raising expectations for his expanded musical world and deeper inner narration.
RM posted the second album "Right Place, Wrong" on the official SNS of "BTS" at 0:00 am on the 18th (Korean time).
The track listing for "Person" has been posted.
According to this, his new album will include the title song "LOST!"
The first song is "Right People, Wrong Place", "Nuts", "out of love", "Domodachi (feat. Little
Simz)", "? (Interlude)", "Groin'", "Heaven", "Around the world in a day (feat.
Moses Sumney", "Credit Roll" and "Come Back to Me" were recorded.
The title song "LOST!" is a fast-paced alternative pop song.
The song is in the pop genre and was composed by Kim Han-joo of the band Silica Gel. RM said through this song that if he gets lost with his friends, it might be okay.
"Right People, Wrong Place" conveys a message of hope. It is a song that musically expresses the complexities of the inner self.
"Nuts" calmly addresses the frustrations that can arise in human relationships.
"Love" tells the story of a person who no longer believes in love. "Domodachi" sings about the joy of dancing with friends and is accompanied by a dazzling performance.
The song "? (Interlude)" with its interesting variations supports the rest. "Groin'" is a frank story about what you want to say to people you hate, and "Heaven" is a romantic song.
Unlike the cliched title, the song has a surprising lyrics: "Take my heaven with you." And the song "Around the world in a dream" says, "I love even your lies."
"Credit Day" is placed just before the last track of the album and asks the listener if they will remain forever.
"Roll" and "Come Back to Me," which was released previewed on the 10th, round off the album on a high note.
RM participated in writing the lyrics for all the songs on the album, and artists with diverse musical styles added their strengths.
Kim Han-ju of the band "SILICA GEL" and the American jazz duo "DOMi & JD
BECK", American musician Moses Sumney, and British rapper Little
Simz, Oh Hyuk from the band "HYUKOH", and the Taiwanese five-member band "Sunset
Rollercoaster's Kuo and singer-songwriter JNKYRD and "Balming
Tiger's San Yawn and others were named in the album credits. Meanwhile, RM's second solo album, Right Place, Wrong
"Person" will be released at 1 p.m. on the 24th. This album deals with universal emotions that everyone has felt at least once in their lives, such as "a stranger who doesn't fit in this place."
Filled with songs from the alternative genre, the album is a teaser of RM's rich sound and unique artistic sensibility, raising expectations.
2024/05/18 12:31 KST
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