HYBE ”seizing management rights” vs. Min Hee-jin ”copying NewJeans”... Conflict continues with counterattack
HYBE and Min Hee Jin are in a fierce conflict, and the conflict is deepening while Min Hee Jin is fighting back against HYBE.

On the 22nd, HYBE launched an audit of the management of ADOR, the label that "NewJeans" belongs to, and HYBE went to gather evidence in relation to reports that Min Hee Jin, the representative of ADOR, had tried to become independent, HYBE has sent a letter demanding the resignation of CEO Min Hee-jin.

ADOR is a label under HYBE, headed by Min Hee Jin, a former visual director from SM Entertainment, and has achieved great success with "NewJeans". 80% of ADOR is owned by HYBE and 20% by the management.

HYBE believes that ADOR management, including CEO Min Hee-jin, attempted to seize control of the company. Then, Representative Min Hee-jin also fought back.

On the same day, CEO Min Hee-jin stated in a position statement, "I would like to clarify my position on the 'NewJeans' copying situation at 'ILLIT'. This is to protect 'NewJeans."

HYBE's label, BELIFT LAB, debuted "ILLIT" in March of this year. After the teaser photo of "ILLIT" was released, an explosion of reactions swept the online world: "I thought it was NewJeans. The "ILLIT" team is copying the "NewJeans" team in all areas of their entertainment activities, including hair, makeup, costumes, dance, photography, videos, and event appearances. The "ILLIT" has been evaluated as 'Min Hee Jin's style,' 'Min Hee Jin's style,' and 'a subgenre of NewJeans,'" he explained.

He also claimed that "HYBE chairman Pang Si-hyuk produced the debut album of 'ILLIT,' and that HYBE, blinded by short-term profits, copied successful cultural content without any thought, and instead of showing something new, mass-produced clichés.

As "NewJeans" prepares to make a comeback in May, "The appearance of the subgenre has soured the image of 'NewJeans,' and ADOR has never actually authorized or approved anyone, including HYBE and BELIFT LAB, to copy the results of 'NewJeans,'" he said. We do not want to be associated in any way, and we will not tolerate any publicity in the form of a sister (brother) group just because we debuted as a label under HYBE."

Min Hee-jin stated that HYBE had raised official issues with NewJeans regarding the series of actions taken by HYBE, "We have been fretting and delaying our response. In the midst of this, they suddenly notified Min Hee-jin that they would suspend his duties as representative director and take steps to remove him from his position." The company claimed that HYBE had acted unfairly, stating, "HYBE attempted to play to the media with appalling content, such as 'Representative Min Hee-jin tried to seize management rights."

HYBE, which claims that CEO Min Hee-jin attempted to seize management control, and ILLIT, which claims that ILLIT copied NewJeans and infringed on cultural achievements and was notified of the dismissal proceedings, are in heated confrontation.
2024/04/23 07:01 KST
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