”&TEAM” releases 43 concept photos for ”Satsuki Ame” to be released in May
Boy group &TEAM transformed into spring boys. On the 18th, management officeHYBE
LABELS has released the concept photo for &TEAM's new single "Samidare"
A whopping 43 concept photos (group, unit, individual) were released on the official SNS accounts. The concept photos were taken against the backdrop of refreshing spring scenery.
The management office explained, "We visualized the concept of sparkling spring and the conflict between young boys."
"&TEAM" is a group consisting of nine members: K, FUMA, NICHOLAS, EJ, YUMA, JO, HARUA, TAKI, and MAKI.
The four seasons series will begin with the first single, "Samidare," to be released on May 8th. The management office explained, "Samidare means the early rainy season that falls around May."
It corresponds to 'Spring', the first page of the four seasons series."
2024/04/18 20:34 KST
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