FTISLAND's Lee Hong-Gi calls fans ”auntie”... ”They called me uncle first”
Band "FTISLAND" Lee Hong-Gi revealed his deep relationship with his fans.

SBS's "Strong Heart VS," which aired on the 16th, consisted of a "Cloudy-Eyed Madman" feature, in which singers Nam Gyuri, Lee Hong Ki, Cho Kwon, Yoon Soo Hyun, and actress Jung Il Ran appeared, not as the "Cloudy-Eyed Madman" but as a blatantly crazy person.

Moon Se Yoon aroused curiosity by telling Hong-Gi "Your are famous for your frankness in targeting his fans. That's why I heard that he came out and said everything he wanted to say to the company regarding the offer to appear in 'Strong Heart VS'.'"

Hong-Gi said, "The title 'Strong Heart' was very difficult. It reminded me of 'Strong Heart' when I was younger. It was difficult. We had to record for a long time and make an impossible story as if it had happened."

Hong-Gi said, "I have a full schedule of Korean performances and overseas tours. Around 70 shows have already been decided," he revealed, eliciting admiration with the scale of the event.

Hong-Gi then revealed that his fans call himuncle, and the MCs were surprised that he was old enough not to look like an uncle.

Hong-Gi said, "We've been together for 18 years. When I said, 'We've been together for 18 years, and we're getting older, and you're getting older, and it's great to have such a relationship" they said "Thank you, Uncle,'" making them laugh.
2024/04/17 11:53 KST
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