「BIGBANG」G-DRAGON、「春夏秋冬(Still Life)」リリース2周年を祝う…“脱退”TOPはタグNO
”BIGBANG” G-DRAGON celebrates the 2nd anniversary of the release of ”Still Life”... ”Leaving” TOP is tagged NO
G-DRAGON of the group BIGBANG commemorated the second anniversary of the release of "Still Life."
On the 6th, G-DRAGON posted a photo on his Instagram Stories.
Among the photos released are "BIGBANG's "Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter (Still)"
He tagged members SOL and D-LITE along with a waiting photo from the music video for "Life." He did not tag TOP, who sang with him.
It is believed that he left the group. G-DRAGON's sadness can be seen as he commemorates the second anniversary of the release of "Still Life."
Meanwhile, G-DRAGON recently signed an exclusive contract with Galaxy Corporation.
In addition, the anti-drug foundation “JusPeace
He established the "Foundation" and made an exclusive first investment of 300 million won.
2024/04/06 14:08 KST
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