D-LITE (BIGBANG) opens new YouTube channel... Variety + healing ”Outing Talk Show” teaser
Singer D-LITE (BIGBANG) is starting to communicate with his fans. On the 5th, according to the management office's R&D company, D-LITE will be running a YouTube channel.
Nell launches "Home (Came Out) Daesung (D-LITE)". On the surface, this channel is the owner of Hi-Tation, but in reality, he is a "home lover" who only knows his home apart from lessons.
D-LITE goes on a talk show with various guests outside the house. Through this, D-LITE talks with various guests in each episode and shows off his unique chemistry.
Of course, they plan to take them on healing outings to towns they don't usually visit, in order to target the MZ generation (Millennials and Generation Z, born between the 1980s and 2000s).
Prior to this, in addition to his music activities, D-LITE appeared on various TV shows and met the public with his elegant speaking skills and his talent for showbiz.
Recently, he left his regular spot on the variety show MBN "Active Singer King" for the first time in 12 years and appeared as the host of "Korea-Japan Singer King Competition."
D-LITE, who recently held a special fan day in Korea and created special memories with his fans, will begin his Japan tour "D-LITE
The group will hold the "JAPAN TOUR 2024 "D's IS ME". As the R&D Company has announced its new department and promised to be active, it is expanding its activities both in Korea and abroad.
Expectations are high for his future endeavors. Meanwhile, D-LITE's exclusive talk show content can be viewed every Friday at 6 pm on the official YouTube channel.
2024/04/05 11:34 KST
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