D-LITE(BIGBANG)、初の単独国内ソロ「FAN DAY」大盛況…サプライズ登場「SOL+GD」に呼応爆発!
D-LITE (BIGBANG)'s first exclusive domestic solo ”FAN DAY” was a great success...The surprise appearance of ”SOL+GD” caused an explosion!
``BIGBANG'' member and singer D-LITE successfully held his first exclusive domestic fan meeting.
D-LITE will be held at Seoul Blue Square Mastercard Hall on the 16th and 17th.
He held "DAESUNG FAN DAY: D's ROAD in SEOUL" and met with fans. On this day, D-LIT opened with the remake song “Nagarayuku”
E announced the official beginning by saying, ``I want you to join me on my musical journey 'D's ROAD.'' This was followed by "I'll Smile" and "Baby Don't."
Cry”, his sweet and delicate vocals stood out on stage, warmly filling the audience.
As he is active globally, there is a section prepared for overseas fans.
The hit list was also notable. D-LITE captivated the hearts of fans with their unique live performance, from ``Singing Tai no Ballad'' to ``SHUT UP'' and ``D-DAY,'' which completely reversed the atmosphere.
The various corners and stage configurations that can only be seen on ``FAN DAY'' were also a highlight of the show. Not only did I read the stories of the fans and interact with them up close without losing my fun, but I also enjoyed the indispensable “B
IGBANG'' continued the heated atmosphere with a performance that allowed them to become one with the audience, including the medley. At the performance on the 17th, TAEYANG appeared as a surprise guest, and G-DRAGON appeared in the audience.
They also sent support and received an explosive response. TAEYANG said, ``I saw D-LITE and also wanted to meet the fans for the first time in a while,'' and TAEYANG said, ``Seed in my heart.''
They performed brilliant performances such as "RINGA LINGA" and excited the audience, and G-DRAGON also expressed his warmth by greeting the cheering fans.
D-LITE filled the weekend with "D's ROAD" prepared for their fans. He recently released “Falling
From ``Slowly'' to fan songs and encores, they gave fans a time filled with laughter and emotion, and ended with a sad feeling, promising the next time. "D's
After completing ``ROAD,'' D-LITE said, ``Actually, this is the first time I've held an event where I can interact with everyone like this.My mean pranks also matched well with the fans.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude,'' and added, ``I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has been with me at this great moment.I feel like I have gained a little more confidence in my future activities.''
I want to do my best in my music activities," he said. This "D's ROAD" will be held for the first time by D-LITE as a solo artist, and all tickets will be sold on both days as soon as it opens.
It proved its hot popularity by recording a record number of hits. Meanwhile, D-LITE will be holding "D-LITE JAPAN TOUR 2024 D's IS" in 10 cities in Japan starting April 13th.
ME” and continue activities.
2024/03/18 16:08 KST
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