Group “ARTMS” teases release of first complete album
Girl group ARTMS will release an album with all five members for the first time.
According to management office MODHAUS on the 29th, "ARTMS" will release the complete album "D" on May 31st.
ALL” will be released. ``ARTMS'' is made up of Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsol, Choeri, and Haseul from the group ``LOONA.'' Until now, member Kim Lip,
Jinsol and Chaeri have released an album as a unit called ``ODD EYE CIRCLE''. Hasul performs at a small theater concert, and Heejin performs a solo album
I've been doing it. ``ARTMS'' will preview ``Birth'' from the complete album record song on March 29th. “Birth” will be decided by fans through the fan vote “Gravity”
This is the song I chose as the public song. ``ARTMS'' will release previews of other recorded songs on April 11th, 25th, and May 10th.
2024/02/29 21:12 KST
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