「LE SSERAFIM」SAKURA(宮脇咲良)、アルバム録音時バン・シヒョクPDがあらかじめ謝罪…プレッシャーと不安も”ありのまま”
”LE SSERAFIM” SAKURA (MIYAWAKI SAKURA), Bang Si HyukPD apologizes in advance during album recording... Pressure and anxiety are ”as they are”
SAKURA (MIYAWAKI SAKURA), a member of the group LE SSERAFIM, revealed that Bang Si HyukPD has apologized.
On the afternoon of the 19th, "LE" was held at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.
SSERAFIM's 3rd mini album ``EASY'' release commemorative showcase was held. SAKURA recalled the time of recording the album "EASY" and said, "Bang Si HyukP
D said that the vocals for this album had to come out well, and apologized in advance for taking so long to record. It was time to finish recording. But I re-recorded it more enthusiastically.
I also took rap lessons for the first time.'' He continued, ``After debuting, I felt like I had to work hard, but I received a lot of love every time I promoted.
I thought about whether I would be able to receive as much love as I did next time, and I felt anxious about having to show a new side.
In fact, I thought it would be even better to show him as he is," he said frankly. On the other hand, “LE
SSERAFIM's 3rd mini album ``EASY'' will be released today (19th) at 6 pm. “LE
SSERAFIM' conveyed their resolve to make everything easily with the title song 'EASY', which has the same name as the album.
2024/02/19 15:37 KST
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