「RIIZE」の「Love 119」、Melon週間チャート4位…音源強者の強力な勢い
“RIIZE”’s “Love 119” ranks 4th on the Melon weekly chart… Strong momentum from a music source powerhouse
``Love 119'' by the Korean boy group ``RIIZE'' continues to be on the rise in popularity on the music charts. “Love” by “RIIZE”
119” took 4th place on the Melon weekly chart (February 5th to 11th), and has reached 22nd, 10th, 7th, and 6th place on the weekly charts released since the release of the music on January 5th. 4th
Until now, it has shown an upward trend for five consecutive weeks, proving once again that it is a rising sound source powerhouse. Previously, "Love 119" was in the top 100 of the Melon chart.
3rd place, 4th place daily, and 15th place monthly, which are new personal highs, as well as 1st place on the bugs weekly chart for 2 consecutive weeks, and 9th place on the iTunes top song chart worldwide.
No. 1 in the country and region, No. 1 on Apple Music Today's TOP100 Korean Chart, No. 1 on China's QQ Music Korean Music Weekly Chart and Rising Chart, Japan LINE
It topped the MUSIC Real Time Songs TOP 100 chart and won two titles on music shows. “Love” by “RIIZE”
119'' is a dreamy song with a contrast between a sweet piano riff and a beat-filled drum line.
It's a pop dance song that creates an atmosphere, and the lyrics express the feelings of a first love that suddenly comes to you, comparing it to an emergency situation, and it has received a good response.
Meanwhile, "RIIZE" will be attending "SMTOWN LIVE 2024" which will be held at Tokyo Dome, Japan from February 21st to 22nd.
Appearing in "SMCU PALACE @TOKYO".

RIIZE 'Love 119' MV
RIIZE 'Love 119' MV

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