BTS's JIN ranked 1st among artists who look good in Hanbok
``BTS'' JIN showed off his charm as a ``god of beauty.'' JIN participated in the “Hanbok Yoyo” held by Fancast from January 24th to February 6th.
Which artist suits you best? ” won first place in the vote. The number of votes received was 144,856, or 24.97%. As a bonus, fan cast pop-up advertisements and subway station
Receive CM board advertising rewards. Jin, who is known as the ``Goddess of Beauty'' and ``Visual King,'' has been selected as the world's most beautiful man, and is loved not only by fans but also by experts, the general public, and the entertainment industry.
It is also attracting attention from entertainers and staff. A well-shaped forehead, strong eyebrows, long, refreshing eyes, pure pupils, a sculpted nose, full lips, and a slender, oval-shaped face with a smooth porcelain face.
Jin has the perfect beauty and physique, with smooth skin and a body of golden proportions. In addition, JIN usually wears hanbok and spreads the beauty of Korea to the world, but when she appears on the History TV Series,
He is considered one of the most famous celebrities who looks so good that everyone is surprised. In 2017, JIN participated in MAMA (Mnet Asian Music
Awards), departed from Incheon Airport to Hong Kong to appear on BTS's content ``Run''.
BTS! I once wore a hanbok for a punishment game. At that time, the hanbok researchers who prepared JIN's hanbok believed that time had passed.
He said that he was moved by her beautiful appearance, which has remained the same since her rookie days. Also, in the interview, Jin's airport fashion, wearing a waistcoat and a hat, was very nice, and he was proud of his hanbok.
He also said that he felt it. JIN, who served in the military as an instructor at a military academy and quickly achieved promotion while active as a special class warrior, is scheduled to be discharged in June of this year. JIN was also serving in the military.
It won first place in numerous votes and is supported by fans all over the world.
2024/02/13 00:13 KST
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