「NCT」テン、「SUPER JUNIOR」ファンの祖母のおかげでアイドルに…ソロデビューの勢いのまま「覆面歌王」に出演
”NCT” Ten becomes an idol thanks to his grandmother, who is a ”SUPER JUNIOR” fan... Appearing on ”King of Masked Singer” with the momentum of his solo debut
"NCT" Ten took on the challenge of "King of Masked Singer." On the MBC variety show ``King of Masked Singer,'' which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 11th, ``NCT''s Ten, who appeared as a ``digestive agent,'' was depicted.
It was. Opinions within the judging panel were divided regarding the nationalities of the two men in the first round duet, ``Extinguisher'' and ``Fire Extinguisher.'' Let's assume that "Digestive Agent" is an idol member of foreign nationality.
In response to Im Han-byul's opinion, Sam Hammington said, ``His fire extinguisher looks like he's from a foreign country,'' and ``His gestures and style are like people I know.'' sandara park
I guessed that the extinguisher was the extinguisher, and LISA was the extinguisher from a foreign singer. The digestive agent that completed the challenge in the first round was "NCT" Ten. I've been living in Korea for 11 years, and thanks to the members, I've improved my Korean.
Ten, who revealed that he has improved his skills, was asked, ``When was the moment when I felt like I became a Korean?'' He answered, ``I like going to the sauna with the members. And then it was time to become K-Uncle.''
``When my younger brothers come and say ``Hi Ten'' roughly, I get a little irritated,'' he said, drawing laughter. Ten, who will be the second member of NCT to make a solo debut, is titled
She performed the key dance for the song "Nightwalker" and showed a side of NCT's main dancer. “My grandmother said, ‘SUPER.
JUNIOR" and was asked to ``attend an audition,'' and I passed and became a trainee.'' She became an idol.
After hearing the unexpected story, Ten expressed his sadness, saying, ``But recently, my grandmother has been saying, ``When are you coming to see me?'' I want to see her.''
Meanwhile, ``King of Masked Singer'' is broadcast on MBC every Sunday at 6:05 p.m.
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