G-DRAGON (BIGBANG) ignores former member V.I's ”bringing” comment...Shows support for member D-LITE
Former member of the Korean group "BIGBANG", VI (Seungri)'s "BIGBANG selling" is a Hot Topic, and G-DRAGON of the same group is member D-LITE's fanme
He is attracting attention by supporting Ting. Recently, an image of VI attending a private party in Cambodia was revealed through an online community. he is event
He served as MC for the event, met Miss Cambodia, famous influencers, and enjoyed the party. He also grabbed the microphone and said, ``I'll bring G-DRAGON here someday,'' and ``GD
He continued to act as if he were a member of BIGBANG, such as doing "selling" and providing fan service to fans holding BIGBANG penlights.
I did it. Not only that, but when GD&SOL's ``GOOD BOY'' was played, they caught everyone's attention by dancing to the music.
The public was outraged by VI's brazen ``GD selling''. VI is a club club that caused an uproar in Korea in 2019.
As a major figure in Ning Sun, he caused social repercussions and significantly tarnished the image of BIGBANG, leading to his withdrawal.
VI includes violations of the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specified Economic Crimes (EMBEZZLEMENT), violations of the Food Sanitation Act, and
EMBEZZLEMENT at work, violation of the Special Act on Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (using cameras, etc. to film), brokering of sex trafficking, habitual gambling, violation of the Foreign Exchange Transactions Act, abetting special assault, ARRANGING of sex trafficking, etc.
She was tried on nine charges, including violation of the Act on Punishment of Acts (sex trafficking). After a long trial, he was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison, and was transferred from a military prison to a civilian prison called Yeoju.
He was transferred to a state prison, completed the remainder of his sentence, and was released in May of last year. However, at the final trial, no VI complained that they would ``change.'' After being released from prison at the end of his sentence, he went abroad from a two-way affair.
This is because Suntsuby's everyday life is still being captured, from club parties to birthday parties.
Meanwhile, G-DRA did not show any particular reaction to VI's "selling BIGBANG"
Today (24th), GON posted a D-LITE fan party poster on his SNS story. He showed his unchanging love for his members.
Meanwhile, all members of BIGBANG left YG last year and went their separate ways. D-LITE is RND
G-DRAGON announced his new start with Galaxy Corp. and is actively pursuing solo activities.
signed an exclusive contract with
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