”KARA” Kang JIYEON's body is already complete...Sexy S-line appeal
Kang JIYEON of the girl group KARA has released a photo of her training hard. On the 1st, Kang JIYEON looked back on the year on his social account story.
, posted various photos including their previous appearances. In the photo, Kang Jiyeon is training at the gym wearing a T-shirt that shows off his body shape and leggings. I can't find any extra meat.
The sharp body line and S-line draw out the admiration of those who see it. Meanwhile, Kang Jiyeon is scheduled to appear in the movie 'I Kill You'. Also, Kang JIYEON recently visited Japan.
A solo fan meeting was held at .
2024/01/02 23:27 KST
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