PSY, “All Night Stand 2023” was a great success at the end of this year
Singer PSY successfully completed the "All Night Stand 2023" performance. PSY will be performing at SeoulKSPO for 3 days from the 22nd to the 24th.
"All Night Stand 2023" was held at DOME (Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena).
``All Night Stand'' has been held at the end of every year since 2003, with the slogan ``Winter is hotter than summer.''
This is PSY's representative winter brand concert, which is loved by many for its diverse performances and never-ending running time.
PSY gave the audience a warm memory with the subtitle of this concert, ``In the White Snow Room.'' "Alluna
``It Stand'' is an all-night performance that starts at 11:42 pm and continues until the first train leaves, so this year's performance was one of the best ever.
In this performance, PSY will perform "Chan Pon", "Celebrity", "GENTLEMAN", "NEW FACE", "RIGHT"
They performed a variety of hit songs one after another, including "NOW", "Paradise", "Bell Bottom", "I LUV IT", and "BIRD". Here “NUNU
Watch with a powerful set list, including P NATION (entertainment production company founded by PSY) medleys such as "NANA", "Rush Hour", "HAPPEN", and "Chili".
It made the customers go wild. During the three days of the performance, top Korean artists participated as guests, raising the voltage of the performance. Including Hwasa, “EPIK
HIGH,” LOCO, GRAY, Dynamic Duo, Jay Park, TAEYANG, and others drew passionate reactions from the audience with their passionate stage performances.
PSY plans to carry out various activities in 2024 as well.
2023/12/25 20:42 KST
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