「Loossemble」、初のファンコンサート「Make a voyage」開催
”Loossemble” holds first fan concert ”Make a voyage”
Korean girl group "Lossemble" will hold a fan concert. According to the management office CTDENM on the 1st, "Lossemble" was announced on the 25th by Seoul Chun (Chinese).
) The first fan concert ``Makea Voyage'' will be held at the Sympathy Center in Shindang-dong, gu.
“Lossemble” is Hyunjin, Yeojin, Bibi, and Koji who were active as “LOONA”.
The team is made up of Won and Hye-joo. In September of this year, they released their 1st mini-album with the title song "Sensitive" and began their activities.
After the album was released, they toured the United States and completed it with great success.
The management office said, ``This fan concert will feature ``Lossemble'' and ``Crew'' (C.Lo).
``The members are working hard to show a variety of sides in group and solo performances.''
There will also be an online broadcast via Hello Live. Details regarding advance sales can be found on the Yes24 Ticket and Hello Live websites.

Loossemble - 'Sensitive' MV
Loossemble - 'Sensitive' MV

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