”aespa” delivers TV Series-like sensibilities with new album ”Drama”... WINTER teaser released
Korean girl group ``aespa'' delivers TV Series-inspired sensibilities with their new mini-album ``Drama.''
The new song “Trick or
"Trick" is a dance song with a heavy 808 bass and a catchy melody, and the hypnotic free chorus and humorous hook are especially appealing.
In addition, the lyrics express the message of having no choice but to fall for one's own tricks in an interesting way that is unique to ``aespa,'' doubling the enjoyment of listening to the song.
In addition to the title song ``Drama'' and the new song ``Trick or Trick,'' this album includes a total of 6 songs from various genres, making ``aespa'' even more mature.
You can fully enjoy the charm of the vocals and the color of the music. At midnight today (24th), clips and teaser images of WINTER will be posted on each SNS and official website of "aespa".
ji was published. In line with the teaser concept of ``Giant,'' WINTER's sophisticated visuals, which show an overwhelming presence in the gorgeous city center, catch the eye.
Meanwhile, aespa's 4th mini album ``Drama'' will be released on various music sites at 2 pm on November 10th, and will also be released on CD on the same day.
2023/10/24 09:10 KST
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