Actress Go So Young, released a shot of watching a movie with his family of four... Has the junior high school son already caught up with "papa" Jang Dong Gun's height?
Actress Go So Young has released a recent update on her Lunar New Year holidays with her husband, actor Jang Dong Gun, and their two children.

Go So Young, went to see recent 'Slam Dunk' movie 'THE FIRST SLAM DUNK', which is also a big hit in Korea, and released a photo. It seems that she went to the cinema with her family during the Lunar New Year holidays.

The photo shows her husband Jang Dong Gun, her son who will be in middle school this year, and her 10-year-old daughter. In particular, his son has already caught up with his father (=Jang Dong Gun) in height and has surprised netizens with his "rapid growth".

Meanwhile, Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young married in 2010, gave birth to a son the following year, and a daughter in 2014.
2023/01/25 14:27 KST