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  • North Korea missile launch was intended to "deteriorate trust between Japan, South Korea and the USA" = US think tank
North Korea missile launch was intended to "deteriorate trust between Japan, South Korea and the USA" = US think tank
North Korea's test-launch of an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) is intended to undermine South Korea and Japan's confidence in the United States’ provision of a 'nuclear umbrella.'

In an interview with public radio station NPR on November 23rd (local time), Victor Cha, an advanced adviser to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a Washington, DC-based think tank, said in an interview with the public radio station NPR that North Korea has repeatedly launched ICBMs. "North Korea wants to make Japanese and South Koreans doubt the credibility of the extended deterrence promised by the United States to its regional allies," he said.

"With the US administration of Joe Biden focusing on the war in Ukraine and the Taiwan issue, North Korea has learned that China and Russia will not support UN Security Council resolutions (against North Korea), unlike before. We see this as an opportunity to test-launch a missile," he said.

He went on to say, "North Korea sees an opportunity to get closer to China and Russia when relations between the United States and China and the United States and Russia are not going well." He added "North Korea is always afraid that the United States and China, the two superpowers, will make a deal to undercut North Korea," he said.

He also concluded that it would not be easy for the United States to block North Korea's weapons development.

"Expansion of joint exercises (of the US and South Korea) is important for defence and deterrence, but (North Korea's) missile test launches cannot be halted," Cha added "North Korea suspended test launches only when negotiating with the United States."

"Unfortunately, North Korea seems to have no interest in negotiations," he said. "The Biden administration has repeatedly contacted North Korea to negotiate and continue the dialogue, but North Korea has not responded."

Advisor Cha also said, "North Korea will go ahead with nuclear tests this year, marking the peak of its weapons development and missile test launches."

On the other hand, adviser Cha advanced said, "It is unlikely that China will use its influence to force North Korea to stop its provocations."

Cha advanced adviser said, "China is keeping a distance from the North Korean issue in various formers," and added, "China is saying, 'This is basically your problem. We can't help you. This is the price for pursuing a more strategically competitive relationship with China."

Published : 2022/11/25 09:45 KST

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