"Electric shock machine?" … Ukraine found 4 torture sites in Kherson, where Russia withdrew"
On November 21st (local time), Ukraine said it had discovered four torture sites in southern Kherson, where Russian troops had withdrawn.

"We have investigated four facilities where Russian forces illegally detained and brutally tortured people," the Ukrainian police said in a statement, according to the French news agency, AFP.

The National Police Agency explained, "We found wooden beds, rubber clubs, incandescent lamps, and even electric torture devices at this facility."

Ukraine has so far dispatched seven teams of "war crimes investigative units" to Kherson to collect evidence of Russian military atrocities.

As a result, they found four locations where civilians were confined and tortured.

The Ukrainian Police Service said, "We also found relevant documents that prove that the Russian military took control of this place."

On November 18th, researchers from Yale University in the United States said, "As a result of investigating war crimes committed during the eight months when Kherson was occupied by the Russian army, it was determined that 226 Ukrainians were detained or disappeared."
2022/11/24 09:28 KST