≪Korea TV Series NOW≫ "Shurp" EP12, Moon Sang-min's choice of wife begins = 13.4% audience rating, synopsis and spoilers
※ Contents that may be synopsis and spoilers are included.

The tvN TV Series ``Surup'' EP12 (viewing rate 13.4%) depicts the selection of a wife for King Seongnam (Moon Sangmin), who became the heir.

Jungjeon Hwa-ryung (Kim Hye Soo), along with Go Kijin (Woo Jeong-won) and Tae So-yong (Kim GaEun), searches for a suitable woman for the Crown Princess, and happens to be herself on the side of the Dowager Queen (Kim Hye Sook). I met CHUNGHA (Oh YEJI JU), the eldest daughter of Sergeant Yoon (Jang Hyun Sung). Hwa-ryung likes CHUNGHA, and CHUNGHA doesn't show any interest in choosing a crown princess, and only talks about the man he's into.

After proudly showing his portrait, Hwa-ryung realizes that the man that Chungha is in love with is the crown prince. When Hwa-ryung told him that he was the crown prince, Chungha didn't believe him, saying, ``He is a prince who does national work.'' Hwa-ryung, who hid her identity, whispered, ``I live in the palace.

Then CHUNGHA said, ``Is this person really the crown prince? Could it be that you are the crown prince? Hwa-ryung advised Chungha, who was running, "Don't tell anyone that you are related to the crown prince."

The Dowager went to Petty Officer Yun's office and was testing her daughter. At that time, Chungha appeared and said, ``I will be crown princess. Please let me enter the court.

The Queen, who showed interest, said, "Why do you have to become the crown prince? Will you be on my side? From now on, I must not have any secrets. Grandmother can't prepare for her brother's sudden death. I'm very worried about the heir who became the heir to the throne in 2004. He went through a difficult experience to become the heir, but would you please do that?"

CHUNGHA became the Crown Princess, and Hwa-ryung had already met with Yoon Sgt. I also told him that I wanted to choose him as the crown prince because he is the most outstanding.

2022/11/22 14:58 KST