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  • "North Missile" Security Council, West VS China and Russia ... Ends with "empty-handed" amid dissent
"North Missile" Security Council, West VS China and Russia ... Ends with "empty-handed" amid dissent
The UN Security Council, which met to respond to North Korea's ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) launch, ended without results, blocked by the wall between China and Russia.

At the United Nations Security Council meeting on North Korea's non-proliferation issue held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on the morning of November 21st (local time), the United States and other Western countries, South Korea and Japan announced that North Korea has repeatedly launched ballistic missile provocations. and called for a united official response from the former Security Council.

However, China and Russia have reiterated their position that North Korea's armed provocations are the fault of the United States, and have protested.

However, the United States said it would "propose a Security Council presidential statement condemning North Korea's ICBM launch."

This year marks the 10th conference on North Korean ballistic missiles.

"The United States proposes a chairman's statement," said Linda Thomas Greenfield, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. He went on saying "We would like every co-worker to criticize North Korea and participate in sanctions for stopping their illegal development of missiles."

Ambassador Thomas Greenfield explained, "We need strong measures like a resolution to impose additional sanctions on North Korea, but we lowered the level of our response in consideration of China and Russia."

In May this year, China and Russia exercised their veto powers against the UN Security Council sanctions resolution, citing the chairman's statement as an alternative, in a form of pressure that "There is no reason to oppose this time."

"The vetoes of China and Russia are making North Korea all the more daring," said Ambassador Thomas Greenfield. criticized.

He also pointed out that North Korea launched eight ICBMs and 63 ballistic missile launches this year, saying, "The United States denounces North Korea's ICBM launches in the strongest terms."

Western members of the Council, including the United Kingdom, France, and Ireland, also condemned North Korea's ballistic missile launches, calling for further restraint and a return to dialogue.

On the other hand, the ambassadors of Japan and South Korea also attended interested parties and expressed similar views.

Immediately after the meeting, the ambassadors of 14 countries, including Japan, the United States, and South Korea, issued a joint statement outside the venue condemning North Korea's ballistic missile provocations and calling for its denuclearization.

Published : 2022/11/22 09:47 KST

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