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  • President Yoon emphasizes that MBC Fake News is "separating" ... "Unavoidable refusal to board"
President Yoon emphasizes that MBC Fake News is "separating" ... "Unavoidable refusal to board"
President Yoon Seo-gyeol said on November 18th, "Because MBC's "not allowed'' to board the presidential plane is a very malicious act of trying to separate the alliance, which is the core of national security, with fake news that is not true. I believe that this is an unavoidable measure as part of the president's responsibility to protect the constitution."

President Yoon said in a casual interview as he entered the presidential office in Yongsan that morning that he was causing controversy by not allowing the MBC organizers to board the presidential plane when he departed for an overseas tour. In response to the reporter's point, he said, "It's okay to criticize freely. I accept all criticism from the media and the public."

President Yoon said, "The media are also the four pillars that support democracy, along with the legislative, judicial, and administrative departments. If there is a judgment based on the judgment, I will not say that the judiciary is an independent body for the public and should not be an issue."

He added, "Media freedom is important, but media responsibility is also very important in that it is a pillar of democracy", he explained.

In response to this remark, when the reporters asked, "What was MBC's malice?" President Yoon went to the office without answering anything.

Published : 2022/11/19 09:46 KST

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