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  • ≪Korean TV Series NOW≫ "God Advent" EP10, Moon Ka Young and Chaeun Woo (ASTRO) just pass each other and become terrible = Synopsis / Spoilers
≪Korean TV Series NOW≫ "God Advent" EP10, Moon Ka Young and Chaeun Woo (ASTRO) just pass each other and become terrible = Synopsis / Spoilers
In the tvN TV Series "True Beauty" EP10 broadcast on the 14th, Joo Kyung (Mun Ka Young) and Suho (Chaeun Woo (ASTRO)) are in a secret relationship, but they are just passing each other.

Jukyung was confused when Suzy (Park Yoo-na) revealed that she liked Suho. This is because he couldn't reveal his secret love affair with Suho first. Suzy chose a gift for Suho in front of Joo Kyung and said, "Let's give this a confession. Will you support me?" Joo Kyung is getting more and more in trouble.

Joo Kyung worked part-time with Seo Jun (Hwang In Yeop). Joo-kyung consulted with Seo-joon about his love triangle problems as a friend's story. Seo-joon replied, "If you're a woman, it's friendship. Is love forever? Tell your friend to break up with your boyfriend and take good care of your friendship. It's bad to have that situation." He added, "We should break up with those who have complicated female relationships." Seo-joon reassured him, "Don't worry. Suho isn't the one who worries you."

The next day, there were rumors that Joo Kyung and Seo Jun were dating at school. The rumor that he was dating started with a pictorial shot with him. Joo Kyung said he was just a friend in front of his classmates. Suho was angry when he saw the pictorial later. Joo Kyung explained, "I met by chance and worked part-time together" but Suho was lonely not telling me earlier.

Suho insisted, "I don't like the relationship between you and Seo-joon. I don't like these rumors. How do you understand Seo-joon's feelings? There is no friendship between men and women." Joo Kyung remembered the relationship between Suzy and Suho, and asked meaningfully, "Then you? Isn't Suzy a long-time friend?" Suho wondered why Suzy was talking about it, and the relationship between the two became confused.

Suzy was at Suho's house. At that time, Joo Kyung called Suho, but Suzy sneaked up. The surprised Joo Kyung cut immediately. Suho, who knew nothing, was given a hat by Suzy. When Suho asked, "Did you come this time for this?" Suzy replied, "I've come to meet you. I'm curious about you lately." Suho said, "I can't receive it. I got her." When Suzy asked, "So what? I don't seem to confess. By the way, who is she? When did you start dating?" Suho replied coldly, "I'll tell you later."

Suho thought that Ju-kyung was avoiding himself and went to the cafe and said, "I'll tell everyone that I'm dating. I'm going to talk. I don't want to hide it anymore." Ju-kyung hesitated, "Still a little ...". Then Suho said, "It's a bit of a rumor with me, is it okay with Seo-joon? If they have to be together, quit the part-time job. I don't like them talking and looking at each other.

When Joo Kyung asked, "If so, can you stop all the things I don't like? If you can't say that you're dating and you can't quit your part-time job, what are you going to do? Then you're not dating?" Suho said. I was surprised, "What do you mean?" Joo Kyung went out, and Joo Kyung who came home cried alone. Suho was the same.

Published : 2021/01/15 19:44 KST

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