Chongqing, China, man who secretly filmed women's toilet at train station
A man was arrested for voyeurism in a women's restroom installed at a subway station platform in Chongqing, China.

According to a report by the local media, Peng Yun Shimbun, at around 2:40 pm on August 5th (local time), a man broke into a women's restroom installed on the station platform of Chongqing Metro Line 6, the Chongqing subway.

When the man inserted his cell phone into the space under the partition of the toilet private room and tried to voyeurize a woman who was in the next private room, the woman noticed and reported the incident.

The rail transit public security bureau ordered a 25-year-old Dong, who was found guilty of voyeurism, to be subject to 10 days of administrative detention and a fine of 500 Chinese yuan. Dong's mobile phone was confiscated.

According to the "Administrative Punishment Decision" released by the Public Security Branch of the Orbital Transport Department, a certain Dong has been sentenced to administrative detention and prison sentences several times: in 2017 for theft, six months in prison and five months suspended; in 2018 for theft, one year in prison; and in 2021 and 2022 for violating the privacy of others. He was sentenced to eight days of administrative detention and 10 days of administrative detention and a fine of RMB 500 respectively for.
2023/08/24 09:51 KST